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Whenever you need to refuel, just enter the ramp fuel, remaining fuel and alter the aircraft's default specific gravity (if required) then press Calculate. That’s it!

As well as making life easier, compared to using a calculator, it significantly reduces the chances of errors in fuel calculations thanks to built-in error management. Additionally the App remembers all the information used. A very useful refuelling App for pilots all over the world.

This App is designed to allow the entry of aircraft type-specific parameters for as many aircraft and variants as you like. Whatever aircraft you operate, just enter the type, maximum total fuel capacity, wing fuel capacities, along with the lowest likely ramp fuel and remaining fuel to guard against entry errors. This only needs to be done once. You can even set your own default specific gravity for each aircraft to save you the trouble of entering this every time and even set a preference for Separate Tanks if your aircraft does not have a fuel totaliser and you can't be bothered adding the tank quantities in your head!

Techlog entries will be displayed as will the fuel chit information using the information entered. You can elect to display 'FULL' on the fuel chit when the wing tanks are full or the actual value.

Also supports rounding for aircraft that refuel in 100 Kg/Lb increments when using a 3-tank arrangement.

Once you have calculated your fuel requirements, tap anywhere on the Fuel Chit to see a picture of the aircraft showing fuel distribution in each tank along with total fuel required and total uplift required!

The App is readily updated to reflect the needs of the users. Please email any requests via the in-App feature.

With the larger display of the iPad, this may even be seen from the flighdeck!

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What is the distribution button for?



The distribution button allows you to see how the fuel should be distributed in the tanks before the remaining fuel is known. For example, if during a flight a fuel decision has been made for the next sector, enter the ramp fuel then press the distribution button. Useful to prepare prepare paperwork such as the techlog or fuel chit ahead of time.

How can I view the Fuel Chit picture?

When there is data in the fuel chit section (after computing the Distribution or Calculation), simply tap anywhere in the FUEL CHIT section to see a pictorial. Tap the view again to return to the refuelling page.


IMG_0313 CAPT. Chris Godesar 2017